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Often we find useful videos that can help individuals understand our tax systems and ways to navigate through some of the confusion surrounding tax filing each year. We have also found a number of useful videos for new and existing small business clients to help ensure they are following the complex rules of Canada Revenue Agency.

Resources for Canadian tradespersons

Videos For Business

Record Keeping

Keeping records
Why records should be kept?
What records should I keep and for how long?
Being audited

Business Income and Expenses

Buying an existing business
Transferring personal assets to a new business
Definition of business income
Inventory valuation and calculating cost of goods sold
Business expenses
Ineligible business expenses
Business use of home expenses


Opening a payroll account
Paying and hiring new employees
Employee benefits
Deducting CPP and EI
Using the payroll online deductions calculator
Remitting payroll deductions
Issuing T4s and T4As
Correcting payroll calculation problems
Employee vs. Self-Employed


Preparing your personal income tax return

Filing and payment methods
Avoiding penalties and interest
Keeping records
Getting help from Canada Revenue Agency
Tax free savings accounts