The following is a list of some the recent projects we've worked on. It's important to understand that we do a lot more than accounting. Over the past 10 years we've helped small business owners obtain more than $50 million in financing. The deals listed below have ranged in value from $250,000 - $6.7 million. Some the following deals were financed either in whole or in part by chartered banks, commercial lenders or private lenders. If the project is strong and people behind it are strong we can get it financed.

Hotel Financing

In a time when financing anything associated with travel and tourism was difficult. We managed to successfully obtain financing for the construction of a new hotel in Nova Scotia. Following the financing stage we assisted in financial management of the construction period and continue to work with the owners by providing monthly accounting services.


On occasion we'll be approached by an exhausted business owner who has become overwhelmed by the daily accounting requirements of his/her business. They would rather focus on making money rather than accounting for it. In these cases we can offer controllership services which essentially give us permission to take control of the accounting function for a business for a period of time.

Gas Bar, Convenience Store and Fast Food Franchise

Over the years this has become one of the most common types projects we work on. There's no doubt that these types of deals are complex given the environmental concerns. There are, however, a specific group of lenders that like these kinds of deals. These deals can be new construction, renovations or upgrades.

Commercial Fishing Vessel

A fishing boat captain from Northern Newfoundland and Labrador requested that we look at his business, organize it and help him obtain financing to purchase his North Atlantic fishing vessel.

Commercial Land Sales Proposal

The seller of 56 acres of commercial land in Bradford, Ontario requested that we develop a proposal for prospective buyers to purchase the land and develop it. Upon acceptance of this engagement we proceeded to research the community as well as the development prospects for the "Outer Ring" surrounding the Greater Toronto Area.